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How do referrals work?Updated 6 months ago

If you like our products, share the love and maybe, get some in return! Here’s how it works: when you refer Collin Street Bakery to new shoppers, your referral comes with an offer of $10 OFF their first order over $30. When your friends shop using your unique referral link, you’ll get rewarded with $10 worth of points (200 points) for every successful referral.

To refer friends, head over to the Refer a Friend page. There you'll find an easy form where you can generate your unique referral link and share it directly, or submit your friends' email addresses and we’ll send them your link.

Once you enter a friend's address, you'll be able to track who you sent an invite to, and whether or not they've completed their referral. Once they complete the referral, you'll find your $10 reward (displayed as 200 points) waiting in your account. 

Please note, a successful referral only occurs when the friend you referred uses your referral link and places a first-time order with a subtotal of at least $30. Referrals are not valid when your friend has the same IP address, shipping address, or billing address as you.

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