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What are Collin Street Rewards Levels?Updated 2 years ago

There are three different levels in the Collin Street Rewards program. Depending on your tier placement, you’ll receive different point multipliers and different perks. 

When you create a Collin Street Bakery Rewards account, you’ll start out from our first level, “Bakery Insider”, earning 1 point for every dollar spent. 

After spending $125 or more at, you'll be upgraded up to our second level, “Cake Connoisseur.” Here, members earn 1.25x the points, in addition to being the first to hear about exclusive sales. Also, just for funsies, we give newly minted “Cake Connoisseur” members a free additional 25 points. 

Once you’ve spent $250 or more, you’ll be upgraded again to our highest level, “Fruitcake Fanatics,” where you’ll receive 1.5x the points, plus early access to both exclusive sales and new product launches.

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